Catalina Island Fishing for Sport

Catalina Island FishingSport fishing around Catalina Island is one of the area’s greatest attractions. Anglers can catch everything from marlin to calico bass to yellowtail and halibut if they are patient and ready. Some individuals fish from their boat or yacht, while others fish from the coast. Popular locations for Catalina Island fishing are the focus on excursions; Catalina Harbor, Isthmus and even the mainland are some of the preferred locations.

The first thing to realize about Catalina Island fishing is that fish are usually found close to shore. The ideal time for fishing is in the spring season. This is when fish move into shallower waters for the spawning season. During this time, fish will stay around the margins of rocky points and perhaps even kelp beds.

Great sport fishing on Catalina Island awaits you

Before fishing in Catalina Island you must obtain a fishing permit. There are size limitations on fish that can be caught. There are also certain areas which are open, and some that are not open. You can contact the Santa Catalina Island Conservancy or the visiting center of Avalon or Two Harbors for more information.

Catalina FishingIn Avalon, the Green Pleasure Pier offers fishermen a great place to get their tackle, bait and boat rental if needed. Fishing off the pier will also yield a treasure trove of fish if using the right bait for the species of fish you are after. Make sure you ask the tackle shops what bait to use to catch the fish you are after. On the pier, you can always check out the store called Joe’s Rent a Boat for tackle, boats, lures and other equipment. If there is any doubt as to when the proper fishing season is, you can talk to the harbormaster at the Green Pleasure Pier.

If you love fishing so much that you have made a career out of it, then you may want to compete in one of the annual billfish, halibut and sea bass tournaments. Catalina Island Fishing tournaments are fun and lucrative to the winning angler. Come see the exciting fishing scene in this beautiful California Island!