Catalina Island Eco Tours Provide Natural Fun

Catalina Island Eco ToursEco tours on Catalina Island are guided tours across areas that are known to be pristine or fragile. The method of transport is low impact and focuses on education instead of short-term entertainment. The proceeds from these tours usually go towards local conservation. Catalina Island is controlled by the Catalina Island Conservancy organization. The Conservancy is responsible for planning a few eco tours that will appeal to nature enthusiasts and wildlife lovers.

The Jeep Eco-Tour is a program, departing from the Catalina Island Conservancy House, takes visitors into the “rugged” parts of the island; this refers to the interior sections of the island as well as the seaward side. Your Jeep adventure can travel for either a 2 or 3 hour eco-tour. Many travelers think of these jeep excursions as mini-safaris, because of their rough nature.

Catalina Island eco tours are fun for the entire family

Catalina Island ToursThe Summer Naturalist Program is based in Avalon. This program offers nature walks, hiking, campfire and some interactive learning. This is a free educational program. The Conservancy invests in the education of children. In the past, they have organized events to help inner city kids travel on a boat ride and learn about island care. The Conservancy also has support groups for boating enthusiasts, and divers.

The Catalina Zip Line Eco Tour is an example of a popular eco tour. Your adventure begins as you travel through Descanso Canyon from 5 zip line stations as you eventually make your way to Descanso Beach. The tour lasts about two hours and will be one of your most treasured Catalina Island eco tour adventure memories. Eco tours on Catalina Island are fun not only because you get to experience the rough terrain, but also because your hosts give you presentations on historical and cultural facts about the island.

If you are traveling to Catalina Island, why not arrange to take an eco tour before you head back home? An eco tour provides more than just scenery—it is an adventure in learning, and one that will benefit you as well as the beautiful island of Catalina.