Memorable Catalina Island Cruises

Catalina Island CruisesOne of the best features of an island vacation is the booking your romantic or family friendly Catalina Island cruise. Whether you are aboard the Carnival Cruise Line, Norwegian Cruise Line or Princess Cruises, you are riding aboard a massive vessel and enjoying the relaxing majestic views of the Pacific Ocean.

Catalina Island is part of the Island Channels in California. They are separated from the mainland. Though there are other islands in the region, we are focusing on Avalon, Two Harbors and the general Catalina Island area. Avalon is the major access point and the busiest part of the island. Avalon takes you all the way to Catalina’s east end. Some of the major landmarks within range including Seal Rocks, and China Point. As you move on, you will reach Silver Canyon Landing and Bulldog Rock. After heading east, you will go round and start to turn west. There you will find Little Harbor and West End. Other notable locations towards the west include Eagle Rock, Land’s End, Parson’s Landing, Emerald Bay and the Fourth of July Cove.

Fantastic Catalina Island cruises make lifetime memories

Catalina Island Cruise SunsetYou will also find moors, coves, caves and quarry sites heading from Blue Cavern Point. There you can find Empire Landing, Rippers Cove, Goat Harbor, Hen Rock Cove and Moonstone Beach, among others. There are several services in the island that provide evening cruises. Shore Boat sends boats year-round from Two Harbors. Catalina Classic Cruises operates six passenger vessels and is available for private cruises hosting dance parties, holiday parties and corporate events.

The Undersea Expedition launches off the Green Pleasure Pier and takes you to see the abundant and thriving undersea life. These ships are actually semi-submersible, glass-bottom vessels and bring you a fish’s perspective as you swim right along with marine life large and small. Catalina Adventure Tours also operates the semi-submersible Nautilus, glass bottom boats and offers a variety of cruises, charters and island tours.

Be sure to take one of the many Catalina Island cruises before you leave. This is an island vacation and you must accept an invitation with the waters of the Pacific!