Essentials for Catalina Island Boating

Catalina Island BoatingBoating is one of Catalina Island’s favorite pastimes, in both the Avalon area and in the Two Harbors. Weather is an important part of boating, and so monitoring the weather and the ocean movement is essential to stay safe. Many of the Channel Islands are close to the mainland. In fact, Catalina Island is just 22 miles from the Long Beach Harbor. Catalina Island boaters are also cautioned to look out for fog and northeasters, which change swell-direction in a hurry.

When traveling by boat in Avalon, your first stop will be moorings. Upon reaching the harbor entrance, you are assigned moorings on a first-come, first served basis. The Avalon Marine Dock can help you with gas needs. If you want to move beyond Avalon, there are many agencies to help you with the move. There are 17 other coves with moorings. The Descanso Bay just West of Avalon around Casino Point has an additional 47 moorings as well as three dinghy docks. Hamilton Cove has 36 moorings and a view of the many beautiful condominiums.

Catalina Island boating…fun and sun await you

Catalina Island BoatsEast of Avalon is where you can find Lovers Cove, where there is no anchorage or mooring allowed. Instead visitors can kick back and relax, swim, snorkel or cruise in a small boat. Finally, there is Pebbly Beach, which is eastward of Lovers Cove. This location is near the amphibian airport, the ramp and the helicopter pad. No moorings or anchorage is allowed here either.

Over at Two Harbors, you can explore the Isthmus Cove with 242 moorings and anchorage for more than 100 boats, or Little Fisherman’s Cove, or Big Fisherman’s Cove. There are also Catalina Island boating services offered in the summer and dinghy floats offered on the Isthmus Pier, which assists passengers getting off and on.

Remember when boating on Catalina Island to use proper VHF equipment, check the weather, plan your route, and pay close attention to your surroundings. Most moorings in the Catalina Island are privately owned or leased. Come enjoy a full day on the water with your boat. Relax and enjoy the oceanic views!