Wet and Wild Water Sports on Catalina Island

Catalina IslandIf you manage to tear yourself away from the beaches, diving and fishing activity of Catalina Island, then get ready to be soaked again! There are plenty of water sports in the island area including snorkeling, swimming, wave running, water-skiing and more.

If you enjoy swimming and snorkeling then make your way over to Lovers Cove, Avalon. This is the only part of the coast that allows snorkeling. On the plus side, all activity is free. You can take a scenic journey under water and watch lots of animals swim by. If you are nervous about snorkeling for the first time, or have kids, then head over to Snorkel Catalina. You can have an escort assist you. All you need are rental supplies to get started. Unlike Lovers Cove, this area requires payment.

Catalina Jetski handles all of your waverunner needs. Imagine going up to 60 miles an hour on the open water! Yamaha Waverunners (the standard in the sport) are available and can be rented by the hour. You can take Pleasure Pier up to the Float at Hamilton Cove. Water skiing activity is active on the “lee” side of Avalon though speed limits are typically 5 mph.

Great water sports fun awaits you on Catalina Island

Catalina IslandPaddleboarding can be enjoyed at Pleasure Pier, as can para-sailing. Para-sailing equipment is available at Para-Sailing Catalina with Island Cruzers. Paddleboards, like many other water sporting equipment, can be found at Joe’s Rent-a-Boat, as always, on the Pleasure Pier. Surfing and bogey boarding can also be enjoyed in the South Catalina area around the beaches: South Beach, Middle Beach, North Beach and Descanso Beach.

Lastly, there is kayaking. Visit the Wet Spot on Cabrillo Mole. This store rents kayaking equipment like pedal boats, kayaks and wetsuits. Descanso Beach Ocean Sports also provides rentals as well as private tours. Remember, this is the ocean you are dealing with. Play carefully and observe all laws for your own safety. Make time for water sports! There is always time to play on Catalina Island.