Tips on Kayaking on Catalina Island

Catalina IslandKayaking is a great way to sample the coast of the island. Not only do you get a sea level view of the island, but you can also experience the thrill of the glide. When you kayak, you make little noise and thus are treated to an up-close view of wildlife like sea lions and pelicans. New designs in single and double kayak vessels make controlling these boats easy.

The best area for kayaking on Catalina Island is on the eastern shore. The water here faces the mainland, and feels much smoother than in other areas. You can explore the Isthmus or the shores of the harbor area. Remember when choosing a kayak, that narrow models are faster, whereas wider ones are slower and more stable. You can launch the kayak from another boat or from the beach area.

Explore the beautiful waters around Catalina Island

Catalina IslandOne of the most popular kayaking tours is the Descano Beach Ocean Sports Kayak Tour. This guided tour allows visitors to kayak down the coastline and to dive using snorkel gear. The Wet Spot is another rental location that can help you, and it is located right on the boat dock on Cabrillo Mole. In addition to a kayak, you will also need pedal boats, wetsuits, snorkel gear and other beach equipment. Ocean Kayaking sells sit-on-top kayaks that are ideal for beginners. One commonly suggested route is from Avalon to Long Point. Parson’s Landing is another popular spot for its scenic views.

Be careful when kayaking and watch for boating traffic, particularly in the summer. You must also respect the rules and not invade wildlife territory. While some kayaking tours allow you to free-roam the area, exercise common sense when it comes to approaching fauna life.

You can experience a brand new perspective of Catalina Island when you take a kayaking adventure!