Fabulous Golfing on Catalina Island

Catalina IslandWho says that an island getaway vacation has to be all about guided tours? Who says that a few rounds of golf aren’t relaxing? In fact, golfing may be the main reason for your vacation. If you are interested in playing golf then Catalina Island has plenty of green to offer.

The Catalina Island Golf Course is your first stop. This course has a nine-hole, 32-par course that is challenging to all comers. Golfers can look forward to a narrow fairway along with rugged hills and tall trees. There is a pleasant shade over the course as well. There is a small putting green, and no driving range is on-site. Is it true what they say, that wild animals sometimes come onto the course? The same can be said for practically any establishment on the island. Not to worry though, attendants are always on hand to clean up the grass area.

A great golfing experience awaits you on Catalina Island

Catalina IslandThis golf course was actually one of the first in the country. You can still see old photos of the early 20th century in the museum. The area also holds a golf tournament the weekend after Easter Sunday. In fact, a few of professional golf’s top players started their illustrious career in this tournament. The Sand Trap is an ideal location for renting or buying golf supplies.

Golf Gardens is about one block from the beach area. This is an 18-hole course that has been a part of the island for almost four decades. It is known worldwide as one of the most beautiful and challenging island courses. You can find these sporting gardens on Sumner Avenue. It is beyond the Discovery Tours Plaza and right next to the Library.

Explore the area for sure, but leave some time for relaxing. Play a few games of golf and enjoy the lush green scenery all around you!