Explore the Ocean with Catalina Island’s Glass-Bottom Boat Tours

Catalina IslandGlass-bottom boats are unique creations that allow you to see the water you are floating over. A trivia fact is that Catalina Island was the very first location that used a glass-bottom boat. The first prototype was invented and used in 1896. For many years, the MV Phoenix was the only glass-bottom boat in town, operated by the SCI. However, it was retired in 1994.

Now there are many high-tech glass-bottom boats, many of which are now semi-submersible for even closer oceanic experience. These newer vessels not only have glass floors but also seats that sink down under the water surface. While floating on the water, guests are treated to views of fish and other marine life. Indeed, you are able to see not just schools of fish but a fish’s perspective. Semi-submersible floats are common around Lovers Cove.

Adventure awaits you under the sea on Catalina Island

Catalina IslandMarine life that is frequently seen on these tours includes jellyfish, golden garibaldi, perch and sheepshead. Notable submersible vessels include the Starlight and the Emerald. The Night Undersea is a tour that travels at night along with a light that spotlights the many fish. Pleasure Pier is the primary access point. Not only can you find the Starlight and Emerald this way but you can also find the Moonstone and the Nautilus in this area. These boats can carry nearly 100 passengers at a time.

The Adventure Tours Company sells tickets on the mainland at the San Pedro Boat Terminal. The glass-bottom boat is called the Ocean View. There are 3,000 watts of highlighting that showcase the many wondrous creatures under the sea. A glass-bottom boat ride is more than just an aquatic tour. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever experienced and gives you a brand new perspective of underwater ocean life. If you have never experienced a glass boat ride then make plans this vacation season! Walk, don’t run—enjoy the beauty!