Fun Things for Kids to Do on Catalina Island

Catalina IslandIf you choose to get to Catalina Island by ferry, you will likely see sailboats, kayakers and possibly dolphins in their natural habitat. After landing in Avalon, a golf cart rental is a good idea for exploring the Island. Make sure to visit Lloyd’s Confectionery of Avalon on Crescent Avenue. There, you will find spun taffy and other sweets.

The forty-five minute tour on the SS Nautilus is amazing. It takes place aboard a semi-submerged vessel, meaning you get to see marine life up close plus a protected kelp forest. The torpedo buttons aboard the ship are a fish feeding system allowing you to feed these aquatic creatures. There is also an evening tour after dark. You can visit marine life up close on the Glass Bottom Boat tour with the Seaview and use food drop tubes that let you feed the fish. The night tours are thrilling to children of all ages, as the nocturnal creatures appear under 18,000 watts of light!

Thrilling adventures await your kids on Catalina Island

Catalina IslandCamping is also a fun pastime on Catalina Island. Avalon offers some excellent campgrounds that will take kids on a real life adventure. Check out Emerald Bay, Gallaghers Cove, White’s Landing and Buttonshell Beach for the best locations. You can take a safari bus or a boat to other campsites around the Island.

The Inside Adventure Tour will take you to the outback where you will take in amazing canyons, beautiful coastlines and native wildlife. You might see bison, wild boars, turkeys, island foxes, deer and perhaps a bald eagle along the way. You will definitely see many picturesque images, as you travel upward to the Airport-in-the-Sky. Arriving there, you can visit the Nature Center and cast your eyes upon one of Catalina’s original Indian sites.

Of course, in between your activities, there are sandy beaches everywhere in which to swim and enjoy the sun! There are plenty of restaurants and eateries in town. What kids don’t like pizza? Be sure to visit Antonio’s Pizza & Deli in Avalon. This joint feels like you’re stepping back into a 1950’s style pizzeria. Here, you can expect tables with checkered tablecloths and 1950’s music.

Catalina Island means water, sun, and fun! Kids of all ages will enjoy it and have lifelong memories!