Biking on Catalina Island

Catalina IslandMany tourists and residents alike prefer biking in the Catalina Island area. Why? First, it’s important to understand that traffic is a problem here. The Conservancy organization maintains control over most of the land and prefers to keep it true to nature and very undeveloped. The few roads that are paved tend to be small. This immediately creates a problem for motorists. In fact, the situation reaches a critical stage several years ago, when local officials required all motorists to get a permit for their vehicles.

This situation, along with the lovely scenery of the island, has prompted many passengers to cycle their way to work and to recreational facilities. The island itself is only 22 miles long, and very easy to walk or run. What are some popular spots on the island in which you can see bicyclers traveling? The Avalon area has Pebbly Beach, the Casino and the Wrigley Memorial Gardens, all of which are ideal for biking.

Biking on Catalina Island is great exercise and fun

Catalina IslandIf you wish to bike out of town then you will need a permit from the Conservancy Office on Claressa Avenue. Once you do this, you are free to travel into the hills, seeing such sites as Chimes Tower and Hogsback. You are also allowed to camp in the vicinity. Where are some stores that rent bicycles? Brown’s Bikes on Pebbly Beach charges low prices and offers group rentals and baby seats. However, you must keep the bike within the city.

Bikes are allowed on the roads and each boat company does handle bike transport. Before attempting to bike a long distance, make sure you are in fit shape, have plenty of water and perhaps a few energy snacks. Biking is fun but it can be exhausting if you plan on traveling long distances.

Come see the full beauty of the island on a bicycle. Feeling that Mediterranean breeze through your hair is worth the extra effort!